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The DeMarco Project Youth Program will be a place where children of Veterans can provide each other with support and camaraderie as they share their experiences of being part of a military family.
Community Projects – Youth will be able to express their creativity by participating in projects, such as creating community gardens, developing and showcasing artwork at a gallery, hosting talent shows and other projects. The DeMarco Project will provide a positive outlet, where the children can explore their creative/intellectual interests.
Social Responsibility – The youth will have discussion groups to shed light on issues within their community. They will collectively assess the needs of their communities and brainstorm ways in which they can address the identified need. They will be guided on how to implement projects that affect positive change in their neighborhoods. The social responsibility program will teach the kids to give back. This will be an innovative youth driven experience allowing for creativity, out of the box thinking, collaboration and a lot of fun!
Cultural Immersion Trips – Youth will have the opportunity to visit local museums, festivals, events to learn about different cultural experiences. They will also have the opportunity to participate in annual trips to different places across the United States. The program would explore museums within the state of Michigan, such as the Michigan Science Center, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, The Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum, Michigan’s Military & Space Heroes Museum, Fort Mackinac and Detroit Institute of Arts. The program participants will have the opportunity to expand their learning experience via suggestions regarding content they would like to explore.
Life Skills – Through volunteer opportunities the children will learn responsibility and accountability. The DeMarco Project Youth Program will also provide mentors and tutors to assist youth with gaining life skills as well as addressing educational challenges. It has been suggested that teens grow intellectually, interpersonally, and emotionally when they have supportive mentors in their lives.
Support Groups and Youth Network for Children of Veterans – The DeMarco Project will establish a peer support network of military children. These kids have higher stress and anxiety than their civilian counterparts as a result of their experiences as military family members. The peer support program will allow military children to safely connect with those who can relate to their experiences. Credentialed clinical staff would oversee the peer support program to identify if a child needs additional therapeutic intervention.
Invest in Our Youth – Providing funding for this program is a great investment in the global community and the future of the youth we serve. Through donations and ongoing support, The DeMarco Project Youth Program will promote positive outcomes through fostering healthy relationships and providing year round fun activities. This experience would be run solely through donations and support from individual, corporate and community partners who support our program initiatives.

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