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Our organization provides these vital services to veterans. From the definition, it is clear that managing cases for veterans is a daunting task. It requires evaluating the needs of the veteran and their family, and having access to a myriad of resources in the community. Case management for veteran’s requires working with the veteran to determine what the hierarchy of needs are in order to prevent harm and enhance healing and stability.

Appropriate case management services means well trained individuals who have connections to link veterans and families to needed resources quickly and often do it with them as a form of education, facilitation and advocacy. In addition, case management entails constant contact with multiple systems and follow up… and follow up… and more follow up. The primary task of case managers is to make sure things get done that will help, and not hurt the client while maintaining positive relationships and open lines of communication with all systems involved. For veterans, expertly executed case management can make the difference between the veteran’s success or failure as civilian.

In some cases, it can make the difference in and even life and death. To benefit the veterans we serve, In addition to our time, The DeMarco Project must use a portion of our financial resources to develop relationships with various entities including, but not limited to, housing authorities, food suppliers, behavioral health providers, potential employers, medical facilities, transportation providers, and a host of other key resources. These relationships have to be cultivated which results in necessary expenditures is for our staff and volunteers. It is imperative that our case managers receive ongoing training and development. They must be enthusiastic about assisting our clients.

The organization requires the case managers to be patient while holding the hand of a veteran who has to navigate bureaucratic systems in order to meet immediate needs while emotionally, mentally, and physically adjusting to civilian life. To meet the staffing needs that expert case management requires we must look to our donors and community stakeholders to contribute to our resource base so that the cornerstone of our veteran services, case management, is well funded. Your generous financial support will contribute to ensuring our goal of quality case management for veterans is met.

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